Código: 9780415463225

Marca: Routledge

Autor: Rosine Jozef Perelberg
Editora: Routledge
Ano: 2008
Nº págs.: 221
Peso: 420 grs
Categoria Principal: Livros em Inglês

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About the authors Xlll
Preface XV
Acknowledgements XIX

Introduction 1

Part One
Theory and Clinical Practice

1 Time and space in psychoanalysis and anthropology 13

2 Après coup and unconscious phantasy 24

3 The oracle in dreams: the past and the future in the present 33

4 To be - or not to be - here: a womans denial of time and memory 49

5 The interplay between identification and identity in the analysis of a violent young man: issues of technique 66

6 Full and empty spaces in the analytic process 87

7 The Controversial Discussions and après coup (Full text here published for the first time) 106

8 Space and time in psychoanalytic listening 131

Part Two

9 Time and memory in One Hundred Years of Solitude (with Bella Jozef)

10 What can you possibly learn from babies? - on psychoanalytic constructions of primal infants

11 The infant and the infantile: on psychoanalytic research 181

References 194
Index 213

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