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Autor: Alessandra Piontelli
Editora: Routledge
Ano: 2004
Nº págs.: 260
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Editor´s preface IX
Acknowledgements xi
Introduction 1
1 Fetal behaviour and fetal environment 26

2 Singleton pregnancies 39
Observatíon no.1 - Giulia 40
Observatíon no.2 - Gianni 68
Observatíon no.3 - Pina 88

3 Twin pregnancies 108
Observatíon no.1 - Delia and Marco 112
Observatíon no.2 - Alice and Luca 128
Observatíon no.3 - Marisa and Beatrice 147
Observation noA - Giorgio anil Fabrizio 163

4 Child analysis 181
Case no.1 - Giulia 182
Case no.2 - Tina- Vera 196
Case no.3 - Tilda 202
Case noA - Alexander 210
Case no.5 - Thomas 218
Case no. 6 - Peter 224

5 Concluding remarks 234
Postscript 244
Bibliography 245
Name index 256
Subject index 258

The use of ultrasonic scans in pregnancy makes it possible to observe the fetus undisturbed in the womb. Dr Alessandra Piontelli has done what no one has done before: she observed eleven fetuses (three singletons and four sets of twins) in the womb using ultrasound scans, and then observed their development at home from birth up to the age of four years. She includes a description of the psychoanalytic psychotherapy of one of the research children, and the psychoanalysis of five other very young children whose behaviour in analysis suggested that they were deeply preoccupied with their experience in the womb. Dr Piontelli has discovered what many parents have always thought - that each fetus, like each newborn baby, is a highly individual creature. By drawing on her experience as a child psychotherapist and psychoanalyst as well as on her observational research, she is able to investigate issues relating to individuality, psychological birth and the influence of maternal emotions during pregnancy. Her findings demonstrate clearly how psychoanalytical evidence enhances, deepens and supports observational data on the remarkable behavioural and psychological continuities between pre-natal and post-natal life.